Railway Paintings

I suppose my introduction to Railway Art, like so many other young boys and girls at the time, was through the love of model railways in the 1960’s. I would eagerly await the arrival of Triang-Hornby’s latest catalogue which always had a Terence Cuneo painting on the front cover. This had to be studied carefully, before the catalogue could be read, as in all Cuneo’s paintings there would be a tiny mouse hiding somewhere and it had to be found!  

Terence Cuneo’s fabulous paintings, with their loose economic brushwork conveying the passion he felt in his subjects, had a lifelong effect on me and I always wanted to be able to paint Steam Engines like the great Terence Cuneo!

My first attempts at a railway subject came through a painting assignment at Art College in the mid 1990’s which I soon decided had to be a Steam Locomotive painting and I loved the challenge of trying to paint a technically difficult subject while still trying to keep the painting loose and expressive. 

I went on to paint many railway subjects and I was lucky enough to have my painting titled the “Castle at Neyland” purchased by the National Library of Wales for the National Collection.