Cosheston Pill study - a small 6"x 8" oil painting by Jon Houser

Working through the Covid-19 Crisis

With this deadly new virus spreading across the World and most of us in Lockdown, many are struggling with a loss of income. Artists are no exception with selling outlets diminished as Galleries close. 

One of the ways to try to make up for lost income and to support each other, is the Instagram Artist Pledge. The idea is that an Artist can offer a painting /sculpture etc for sale at £200 or under and when 5 works are sold, they pledge to buy a work from another artist. This should hopefully also give the opportunity for Art lovers and collectors to purchase paintings directly from Artists at a greatly reduced prices!

I paint on many sizes of panels (as I think most painters do) from little 6″x 8″ panels to large 30″x 40″ stretched canvases. It’s these little panels which I will be offering for sale at reduced “Lockdown prices” and they include Flowers, Landscapes and Seascape paintings and all in oils. 

I will be posting these paintings (which will be unframed) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the Lockdown period with prices and details of how to buy, so please keep an eye out on my social media posts and contact me if you see something you like. 

"Morning Light at the Green Bridge of Wales"

The first painting to post is this little oil titled “Morning Light at the Green Bridge of Wales”. This iconic arched rock formation is on the Stunning Pembrokeshire Coast near Castlemartin. 

I painted this 6″x 8″ oil in my studio from sketches and images taken on location. 

Morning light at the green bridge of wales framed

Please keep safe and I’m sure life will soon slowly start getting back to normal and we can all be back out into the great outdoors again!

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