Reworking a Plein Air Painting

“Awaiting the Tides Return, Tenby” is a 20″x 24″ studio painting produced from a smaller work painted on location at Tenby Harbour in June. The day at Tenby started on a positive note with a weather forecast of Sun and occasional showers. I took my wooden box easel and painting panels down into the harbour at low tide, safe in the knowledge that I had a few hours before the tide came back in. I chose a 10″x 12″ panel and with the Sun lighting my subject nicely, I began my painting, but as often happens when painting on location, the Sun kept disappearing behind ever increasing cloud causing a halt to proceedings until the light reappeared . This can be very frustrating and my painting was becoming a little grey looking so I had to stop. When packing away my paints, the Sun reappeared for a few seconds, so I quickly took an image on my phone as a reminder of the light I required and I also made a couple of pencil sketches to give me more options on composition. This, I hoped, would be enough information for a the larger studio painting. 

Reworking my Plein Air painting from the larger Studio painting

After having initially discarded the slightly grey looking plein air painting to one side as just a working oil sketch, I picked it up today in my studio and started painting the “light” back into it using the larger studio painting as a colour reference. This reversal of usual working practice is something that I had not done before but my experiment seems to have worked resulting in a colourful little painting that I have titled “Awaiting the Tide at Tenby”. 

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